The idea for this song and some of the lyrics came to me while I was riding my bike one day. It plays with “awakening” in three senses of the word: awakening from sleep in the morning, the awakening of nature in springtime, and the societal awakening that I feel is happening in our time. We’re realizing that our present “civilization” isn’t good for people or the planet, and we’re responding with astounding creative energy, inventing new ways of life, and reclaiming traditional ways as well, learning how to build a world of peace and plenty for all. We’re recognizing that much of our trouble comes from believing what we think, and we’re learning to integrate the wonderful powers of the mind into a larger consciousness. I believe we’re beginning to transform our world into a much more beautiful place.

We may call it a spiritual awakening, and that’s what I think is happening. I wrote a book about this, and have just published it as an ebook. It’s called Stage 3: A Vision of Human Evolution, and it’s on a great do-it-yourself ebook publishing site called Smashwords. If you’re interested, the book is available as a free download. Here’s a link:

And here’s the song I wrote. Hope you enjoy it. I’d love to hear any thoughts you might have!


The morning light is growing                         D
The birds are getting going                            A6
It sounds like they’re making it up                 Bm
And we are waking it up                                 G

Nighttime fears fade into day
Bad dreams have gone away
Sunshine’s lighting up our eyes
Feel that kundalini rise

It’s happening                                                 D
We are awakening                                          A
You know it’s happening                                Bm
We are awakening                                          G

Blossoms in the almond trees
Release their scent into the breeze
Seeds are sprouting in the earth
Another spring is taking birth

Sun peeks through the clouds above
And all our fancies turn to love
Ice is melting, creeks are flowing
We’re feeling all the new life growing

It’s happening
We are awakening
You know it’s happening
We are awakening

All across the country
All across the planet
Everywhere you look
It’s shining in our eyes

It’s time to leave the fear behind us
Time to let the bad dreams cease
Time to let our love run free
Time to live a life of peace

It’s happening
We are awakening
You know it’s happening
We are awakening

4 thoughts on “Awakening

  1. I just read the first of your acknowledgements. Vince was the reason I got my job at Chico State back in 1966. Tell him “Hi” from me next time you see him. And your Mom too.

  2. Scott. I just read the first 50 pages of your ebook. The three stages of consciousness are very simple ideas with powerful insights into our world both past, present and future. Thanks for a great read so far!

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