I Don’t Think So

Next week voters in Washington state will vote yes or no on Initiative 522, a measure that would require the labeling of genetically engineered food. The corporations opposing the measure (led by Monsanto, Dupont, and the Grocery Manufacturers’ Association) have broken the state record for fundraising for an initiative, with over $21 million raised so far, against the $6 million raised by proponents of the measure. You can read about the fundraising here:


A poll in early September showed 522 leading by a 66-21 margin, but millions of dollars of anti-522 ads are having their effect, and the most recent poll shows the initiative’s lead down to a 46-42 margin, too close to call. It’s looking a lot like what happened last year in California, where a similar GE labeling bill, Proposition 37, had a huge early lead but eventually was defeated by $46 million in deceptive advertising.

The big multinational corporations will do whatever they need to do to keep their profits going. They are created for one purpose only – to make money – and they are designed to do that efficiently and ruthlessly. Preventing the labeling of GE foods is just one example, and far from the worst, of what corporations will do for money. All over the world, wherever rivers are being poisoned, mountaintops removed, skies filled with fossil fuel emissions, rainforests destroyed, or bombs, tanks, and assault rifles being provided to both sides of a conflict, you can bet that the big corporations are there cashing in. Certainly individual people are capable of great folly as well, but it takes a corporation (or a government) to really make a dent.

But the people will wake up one day. The big corporations are expressions of a fear-based consciousness that is going to fade away. Maybe voters in Washington will approve 522, and it will be one more victory for people over money. Or maybe Monsanto will win this round… But a hundred years from now, Monsanto will be gone, and the people will still be here.


I Don’t Think So

They’re making transgenic salmon                   F          Csus4
They’re making transgenic corn                         F          Csus4
That’s what they want you to eat                       F          Csus4
From the day you are born                                Bb        F

They’re fooling around with our food                 F         Csus4
They don’t bother to test                                    F         Csus4
They won’t even label it                                      F          Csus4
They say they know best                                    Bb        C

I don’t think so                                                  F
I don’t think so                                                 Csus4
I don’t think so                                                  Bb
I don’t think so                                                  C

They say they own the water
They make you pay to drink
They say they own the airwaves
They tell you what to think

They say they own the forests
Rivers, trees, and soil
They want to turn it all into desert
Just to get some more oil

I don’t think so            (x 4)

I don’t think we’re gonna let the money monster take control
I don’t think we’re gonna let the corporations dig us in a hole
I don’t think we’re gonna let Monsanto be the boss
I don’t think we’re gonna stand here and let the planet be lost

I don’t think so            (x 4)

They say we need more weapons
They say we need endless war
They say the world is full of enemies
They say peace is what we’re killing for

They’re making transgenic people
Out of plastic, poison, and fear
They say a world of computers
Is better than this one here

I don’t think so            (x 4)

I think we’re gonna figure this out
We’re gonna build the world we need
A world of peace and plenty for all
While the leaders fiddle the people will lead

Yes I think so                        (x 4)

Yes I think we’re on our way
The whole beautiful human race
We’re gonna save the planet, and save ourselves
We’re gonna make this world a better place

Yes I think so                        (x 8)

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