Open Road

Hi there. It’s been almost a year since I’ve posted. But I see that there are a few people who still look at my site from time to time so I want to say hello. And I do have some songwriting-related news: I recorded an album this summer. It’s an EP with 6 songs, recorded with the help of an excellent producer and some first-class studio musicians.

The EP is called Open Road. You can listen to it (or buy it) here:

You can buy it on CD Baby:

It’s also on iTunes and other digital music sites if you search under Scott Lape.

I recorded this EP so that I could hear some of my songs played and recorded professionally. I was very fortunate to have the help of Dave Elke, who helped me arrange the songs, hired the musicians, played most of the guitar parts, was the recording engineer in the studio, and did all the editing and mixing. He’s a great producer, and I’m very grateful to him.

Dave hired some of the best musicians in Chico, which is saying a lot because Chico is chock-full of great musicians. The rhythm section was Greg D’Augelli on bass (and flute on one song) and Robert Delgardo on drums and other percussion. We had Joshua Hegg on the keyboards on two songs, and Carrie Williams sang beautiful harmony vocals. I played guitar on one song and ukulele on one song, and left the rest of the guitar work to Dave Elke. In addition to solid rhythm playing, Dave wrote and recorded all the lead guitar and slide guitar parts, which are probably my favorite parts of the album. I sang the lead vocals, which was a lot of fun.

If you listen to any of it, I hope you enjoy it. And I’d love to hear any feedback you might have!

A quick list of the songs on the album:

1. Long Thin Line: A fast-paced, edgy song in C#m. Living is like drawing a long thin line…
2. The Greater the Love: A song exploring love and fear and other deep concepts. Featuring Joshua Hegg playing some Beatlesque keyboards.
3. Open Road: A jaunty country song about two lonely kids out on the highway.
4. Me and Mother Nature: A song about sitting by the creek, feeling at peace, hanging out with Mother Nature.
5. Sing Me to Sleep: Lyrics that could be considered sad, set to a danceable Latin beat. The musicians had fun with this one!
6. Yes Yes Yes: A trippy song about a woman who says yes…

P.S. The lyrics to the songs are available at